Safety in China

When enjoying your tour, one of the most important things that you should pay due attention to is safety, because safety and health make your tour pleasant and wonderful. If you join a group tour, your guide and travel agency will care for your safety, while if you have a self-help tour, the tips below may do good to you on your tour.

(1). Lodging
a). Choose the hotel after a careful thought and avoid lodging alone in a roadhouse in a dirty, noisy, or dangerous environment. Remember to avoid going out alone at night.

b). Inform your family or friends of the hotel name, address, telephone number, check-in time; if you join a group tour, take down the telephone numbers of your teammates' rooms.

c). Determine in advance where the Emergency Exits of the hotel you live in are.

d). Be sure there are no problems with the room windows, doors, or locks. Lock the door before sleep.

e). Confirm the identity of those who visit your room and do not let strangers in. For any questions, you can make a phone call to the hotel.

f). Valuables should not be left in the room when you go out, take them along with you.

g). If you are a member of a tour group, inform your tour guide when you leave the hotel. Get a hotel card at the reception desk, with the hotel name, address and telephone printed in both Chinese and English. This will help you on your return to the hotel.

h). Read carefully the hotel handbook of safety instructions and pay special attention to information on use of electric appliances.

2. Dining
a). Do not eat any food, drink or cigarettes from strangers.

b). Avoid overeating during your trip, especially seafood dishes.

c). Carry medicine for diarrhea. Do not take medicine from strangers.

d). When having dinners in restaurant, take care of your bags and valuables

e). If you are fond of liquor, restrain yourself from getting drunk during your trip.

f). Do not drink unboiled water. Do not buy the unbranded and dateless food produced by an unknown factory.

3. Traveling
a). Pay attention to local customs and observe the local social mores.

b). If you have a cruise trip or take a cable car, pay special attention to safety.

c). Avoid stress in your trip; the routing for the tour itinerary should be as loose as possible.

d). If you have a group tour, please confirm in advance the whole itinerary before entering the scenic area.

e). The tour group is not an expedition, so please do not set foot in dangerous areas lacking security control.

f). Travel to China when the weather is pleasant, and make preparation of preventing from natural calamities 

g). If you are in a tour group, please keep the phone numbers of your tour guide and the driver in mind so that you can easily find them if you get lost. 

h). If there is a free day in your routing, please be especially careful for your safety and watch your children well. Contact your tour guide whenever you encounter a problem.

i). If you want to take photographs or videos, do make sure first that you are allowed to do so at that scenic spot, for in some special attractions (like some cultural relics or museums) photography and video are prohibited.

4. Entertaining
a). Obey the laws and regulations anywhere and anytime

b). Keep away from strangers in case you will be taken in

c). When you are in a crowed place for amusement, be especially careful about your wallet, bags or valuables

5. Body Health
a). Bring appropriate clothes that are suitable to the weather in your tour

b). Wear gym shoes or comfortable walking shoes that make you feel better when traveling around

c). Take with you any over-the-counter medicines you might need, such as painkiller, cold medicines, or anti-diarrhea medicine, and a small first-aid kit.

6. Special Tips
a). In a group tour, join the spirit of the collective goals to cooperate with your tour guide and finish the trip smoothly.

b). If you decide to travel in the 'golden week' when there will be many tourists, please stay calm and patient, and be understanding of delays.

c). Keep your family advised of your tour itinerary. Know in advance the contact information for the embassy or consulate of your country stationed in China, so you or your family can contact them quickly if you meet some danger, problem or accident.

d). Whenever you meet something unexpected that may to harm you, do not hesitate to ask for help from police, hospital or other authorized organizations. For more information, please refer to our Emergencies.


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