Shangri-la in Brief

Shangri-la, with the meaning of ‘the sun and the moon in the heart’ in Tibetan, was first appeared in the novel Lost Horizon written by James Hilton in 1939. Reputed as the ‘Eden in dream’, Shangri-la is well-known for its steep gorges, majestic snow mountains, crystal lakes, mysterious ethnic villages and attractive conservation areas.

Bitahai Lake, Shangri-la Guide, Shangri-la Travel Baishui Tableland, Shangri-la Guide, Shangri-la Travel
Shangri-la County locates at the place where Tibet, Sichuan and Yunnan meet, with an average altitude of over 3,000 meters. Over 25 ethnic groups live here, while the Tibetan accounts for 33.8%. Just like other places in Yunnan, Shangri-la is also rich in various natural resources. Bitahai Lake, the highest lake in Yunnan, is not only famous for its fantastic natural landscape, but also has many precious animals, such as clouded leopard, black-necked crane and macaque, etc. If you are an adventurer, magnificent snow mountains are good choices for you, including Meili Snow Mountain, Baimang Snow Mountain and Deqin Prince Snow Mountain. Taking a challenging hiking tour along the Tiger Leaping Gorge might be the highlight of your Shangri-la tour. Other attractive natural attractions are Baishui Tableland, Shudugang Lake and Napa Sea, etc.
Songzanlin Monastery, Shangri-la Guide, Shangri-la Travel Napa Sea, Shangri-la Guide, Shangri-la Travel
As a mysterious place inhabited by many ethnic groups, Shangri-la is an ideal choice for visitors to experience their unique lifestyle, customs and Lamaism. Songzanlin Monastery, first built in 1679, is the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in southwest China. You will be shocked by its magnificent architecture and elegant decorations.

There is an old saying in China, ‘The earliest sunrise rises in Shangri-la, and the most unique place is also there’. Warmly welcome to appreciate Shangri-la in future. 


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