Wuhan in Brief

As the largest city in the central China District, Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, is a historic, cultural, transportation and industrial center in this district as well. Locating in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, Wuhan provides 10 million Wuhan people with the well-developed economy, tourism, education etc.

Wuhan is divided into three parts by the Yangtze River, namely the Hankou, Wuchang and Hanyang. Therefore, Wuhan possesses a larger water area than any other cities in China, which covers a quarter of the entire Wuhan. There are over 170 lakes in Wuhan, among which the East Lake (Donghu) is the biggest one.
East Lake, Wuhan Travel, Wuhan GuideYellow Crane Tower, Wuhan Travel, Wuhan Guide
Hankou has been being the largest open trading port in land, which is hailed as the oriented Chicago. Wuchang, located in the bank of Ynagtze River opposite to Hankou, is the birthplace of the Revolution of 1911 in China. Hanyang is not only one of the earliest industrial bases, but also a scenic spot.

Han Opera, has prevailed in Wuhan before, is the mother opera of the Beijing Opera--a quintessence of Chinese Culture. Wuhan was a strategic place in the war times, when many significant events happened here. Wuhan provides the excellent places and angels for you, from where you can catch the entire splendid view of Yangtze River and you may inspire your inspiration of creating masterpiece just as the famous poets did in the ancient time.
Guiyuan Temple, Wuhan Travel, Wuhan Guide First Bridge over the Yangtze River, Wuhan Travel, Wuhan Guide
After experiencing the rich culture, you may feel excited to start your trip on the landscapes. The 1700-year-old Yellow Crane Tower (Huanghe Lou), the Guiyuan Temple--one of the four biggest temples in Hubei, the Tortoise Hill (Guishan) and the Snake Hill (Sheshan) --which look like the real alive animal very much, and the 1670-meter-long Yangtze River Bridge--the first bridge that across the Yangtze River are all waiting for you to discover.


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