Avoiding Traps

> Many Chinese travel agents are claiming to be established in 1950's on their websites, is it true?
    This is an absolute cheating. Chinese government did not grant their permission for the establishment of any travel agents until Deng Xiaoping's Opening Door Policy in 1978.

> There are numbers of travel services in China claiming that they are the leading tour operators in China. How can we distinguish the real from the fake? 
    The following are some practical tips.
    a). A leading tour operator may have got numerous media recommendations.
    b). A leading tour operator must have been professional, experienced and able to offer high-level services.
    c). A leading tour operator should have been accepted by the authoritative organizations in tourism industry.
    d). A leading tour operator must be a legal one, who definitely has been authorized corresponding licenses and other related documents.
    e). A leading tour operator must be reliable and popular among customers, which can be judged by the feedbacks from real customers.

> Some tour operators offer very low price. Can we believe them and book those tours?
    Tour price is a very important factor when taking a tour, but please do not just pay attention to the price. There is an old Chinese saying goes: you will get what you pay for. Some tour operators offer quite a low price, while their service may be not up to the standard.

> When traveling in China, guides sometimes will recommend the Chinese doctor or acupuncture to us. What shall we do?
    You’d better leave their recommend alone, because it may be just a commercial cheat and the so-called hospitals are not real Chinese hospitals.

>  How to tell if a Chinese company is legal or not?
    Below are some tips for your reference.
    a). By Business License
          If a company is legal, it must have been authorized to receive a Business License by the local Administration for Industry and Commerce and it can be found out on the related Administration for Industry and Commerce website via the Business License number, the name of the company or the enterprise legal person. Please note that most Administration for Industry and Commerce websites do not have English versions, you may ask for help from someone who knows Chinese. Besides, due to some unknown reasons, some companies cannot be found out on the related website, you may then need to have someone went to the local Administration for Industry and Commerce to check it for you.

    b). By Bank Account
          If you have the bank account number of the company, you can consult the related bank to see if there is such a company.

    c). By ICP Record Number/ ICP Number
          If the company has an ICP record number or ICP number on the bottom of its web page, then it can be searched out on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China. Also, you need someone who knows Chinese to assist you.

    d). By Contact Information
          If a company is real, usually it will have an available address and fixed telephone number. You may check if the address and the number are in service or not.

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