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> Could you give me some information about the tour guides?
    All of our guides are qualified by the national tourism administration. They are friendly, experienced, considerate and knowledgeable. They are experienced in dealing with the unexpected situations and helping you avoid many difficulties.

> Do you arrange a guide to accompany us throughout the tour?
    A national guide will accompany the tour groups of 10 or more people in the entire journey, or for fewer people if required for special circumstances.

> Does the tour guide speak English?
    Yes, the ability to speak English is a basic skill of a guide we request. We also have guides with the ability of German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Italian. We will meet your special need in language requirements.

> Will a guide pick us up at the airport (or railway station)? How will I know where to find the guide when I arrive?
    Yes, not matter in which city you are going to arrive, our guide will be there greeting you.

    At the airport, the guide will meet you at the airport exit. After going through the luggage claim area, you will see the guide holding a sign with your name on it. At the railway station, the guide will be on the platform right outside your rail car, holding a sign with your name on it. In certain railway stations of the border areas such as Guangzhou, however, the guide will not be able to meet you on the platform.

> Will we have a guide send us to the airport (or railway station)?
    The guide will accompany you to the airport and help you to check your luggage and get your boarding card. He is not allowed to go through the security checkpoints. If you take the train, the guide will usually see you off on the platform but there are exceptions when at the railway station in a border area, like Guangzhou.

> How many hours per day will your guide be with me?
    Our guide will be with you during the entire scheduled tour for the day.


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