Drinking Water in China

1. Drinking Water in Hotels
Hotel rooms are commonly equipped with a water dispenser that delivers both cool and hot potable water, while some hotels provide with only the water heater or thermos, so you can use the water heater to boil water or use the water directly from the thermos. If the water in the thermos has run out, you can ask a waiter to refill it. Generally, four-star and five-star hotels supply high-quality mineral water for free.

2. Drinking Water in Restaurants
In most Chinese restaurants, drinkable water is served before the meal, while in some restaurants tea will be served instead of the water. Most restaurants have bottled water or other beverages on their menu. However, you must pay for them and the price is higher than that found at the supermarket.

3. Water Outside
Although the tap water is not drinkable, you don’t need to worry about finding water when you go out as it is quite easy to buy bottled water in shops everywhere in China. Foreign brands are available in the supermarkets in big cities, while in small cities or rural areas only local brands are sold.

Several popular brands of bottled water, such as Wa Ha Ha, Nestle and Nongfu Spring, are available for purchase, while bottled tea and juice are also popular. Ordinary bottled mineral water and various beverages are commonly sold in many street shops, supermarkets, restaurants and hotel stores for about 2 CNY per bottle of 1 liter. 

1. Unlike in most western countries, the tap water in China is not drinkable before it is boiled.

2. The drinking water contained in a large plastic barrel about 20 liters with a shelf life of 7 days should be used up ASAP.

3. When you buy the bottled water in a market, please make sure the water is transparent, free of any form of sediments and it has not ran out its shelf life.

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