Unexpected things happened everyday.

Emergencies during travelling are commonplace for foreign travellers and can occasionally have serious consequences; therefore we recommended foreign travellers choose a travel agency that offers you comprehensive, 24-hour back-up for emergencies. Besides arranging decent insurance cover, it is also useful to know how to deal with some common emergencies yourself. The following are common questions that frequently arise:

> What to do if I cannot find my travel guide? 
Usually guides will wait for the team members who got lost at the given meeting place for 30 minutes before their arrival. If you could not find your guide or lose contact with him/her, please contact the travel agent immediately.

> What can I do if I get lost?
    Travel agents always warn you to keep the contact details of your travel agency, guide and hotel in case getting lost. If you lose all the touch with all above, you can call the police by dialing 110. 

> Who should I ask for help if I lose my passport?
    Ask your guide for help and report the loss to the nearest Public Security Bureau (PSB) branch immediately, who will then issue you with a certificate of loss. You can apply for a new passport in person at the nearest embassy or consulate of your own country, where you will usually be required to fill in a lost passport application. With the new passport issued, you need to go to the PSB to get a new Visa, then you can continue your trip or leave China. Remember that most offices are usually closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Chinese Holidays. It is wise to leave your contact number inside your passport.

> What should I do if I lose my luggage in the airport?
    You need to make a lost baggage report by providing the details of your baggage. The tracking systems will assist you to find your baggage.

> What to do if I lose my wallet with cash and credit card in it?
    If something valuable like cash and bankcards are lost, stolen or robbed, report the incident to the police immediately (call 110 toll free). The Public Security Bureau is in charge of such matters. If you are in a hotel, ask the hotel staff to help you and contact the police. It is wise to leave your contact number in your wallet in case the people who found your wallet may contact you. 

> My visa will expire soon, but I still want to stay in China, what should I do?
    You should apply for a new visa 2 months before the expiration of your present one, for it takes time to issue. Overstaying your visa's duration may be considered illegal and could lead to a fine, imprisonment or deportation.

> Do I need to buy insurance before my trip?
    Yes, don't forget to buy a personal accident insurance or world wide travel insurance for yourself before setting out your tour. Insurance is an effective guarantee against most emergencies.

> What if I feel faint, lose my appetite or suffer from insomnia during my travels?
    Take it easy. These are common symptoms for people traveling abroad. Tablets like Vitamin B2 and Multienzyme Tablet may help. Whenever you feel uncomfortable or short of breath, you should stop your trip and have a rest. If you are stricken with a serious illness, go to see the doctor at once. If the case is extremely serious call 120 for the hospital.

> What should I do if attacked by such venomous animals as bee and snake?
    Calm down. Do something to stop the spread of the poison in your body. Extrude the poison and clean the wound properly. Call 120 for the hospital. Before the arrival of the doctor, keep still.

> What can I do when I am involved in a traffic accident?
    If you are involved in a traffic accident, you should keep all the things as they were and call the traffic police by 122 at once.

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