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As the capital of the largest Special Economic Zone in China and the nation's newest province, there is far more for tourists to see here than just scenery and sights. This city really comes to life in the evenings, illuminated by neon lights with the doors to numerous bars and clubs being flung open. The Shanghai Club is one of the biggest and most lively joints, boasting a ten piece jazz band, a fashion show troupe and a lively atmosphere. The Golden Palm Club is another popular spot with a good club and the Empire Night Club is a busy and noisy place.
New Hot Spring International Hotel, Shanghai Club

Places for Entertainment
Shanghai Club , Haikou  Travel, Haikou  Guide  China Town, Haikou  Travel, Haikou  Guide
New Hot Spring International Hotel, Shanghai Club is a comparatively big nightclub in Hainan, Occupying an area of 6,000 sq m., and it has the name of "French Red Mill". The decoration of the nightclub reminds you of the old times. The most skillful band in Hainan-Ten People Jazz Bands, and the good-looking actors and actresses with high skills give performances in the club. It is famous over Hainan with its high taste, elegant style, imposing performance, unique song and dance opera. There are 46 KTV rooms, which provide songs in 6 languages, and there is a considerably big and luxurious presidential box. It is the place where you can sing as you like and enjoy yourselves.
Address: New Hot Spring International Hotel, Longkunbei Road, Haikou, Hainan
Tele: (0898) 6711111

China Town

Chinatown is a comparatively large-scale food, entertainment and shopping center with complete facilities. Its building space is 43,000m2, and it has a 600-space parking lot. Chinatown is famous for its food service. In addition, there are entertainment, shopping, gym, finance, stock and beauty salon. There are 6 restaurants in different food styles. There is the biggest stock exchange of Hainan, comparatively large and deluxe nightclub and international club. Large-scale performance are usually showed here. It has been an important place for receiving important guests of Hainan.
Bowling room, bathing sauna, gym, children's world and gym are the desirable places for you to have a relaxation. The unique Chinatown has been the model of Hainan Thousand-mile Cuitur Corridor.
Address: Longkunnan Road, Haikou, Hainan
Tel: (0898) 5888888

Hainan Baiwang Recreational City

Hainan Baiwang Recreational City is in the Workers' Cultural Palace in Jiefangxi Road, Haikou. The first floor of Hainan Baiwang Recreational City is a large-scale entertainment hall. There are hundreds of interesting electric games and other children's colorful game equipment. On the second floor of Hainan Baiwang Recreational City is the song and dance hall. The equipment is excellent, and the dancing area is wide and elegant. It can contain 300 people dancing there at the same time. In addition, there are deluxe boxes and the most fashionable karaoke.
Address: 9, Jiefangxi Road, Haikou, Hainan
Tel: (0898) 8660446
New World of Joy, Haikou  Travel, Haikou  Guide
New World of Joy

New World of Joy lies on the fourth floor of Haikou No.1 Department Store. It is a large-scale family entertainment center indoors. It provides modern relaxing atmosphere integrating appreciation, stimulating, play, participation and learning by advanced entertainment equipment and new relaxation ideas. There are 78 imitating electronic games in New World of Joy. There are children's colorful park, mad and stimulating carts and Star-War City that is full of flames of the war. On weekends and holidays, it is very lively here. The cartoon people of "happy manor" and the happy uncles and aunts will entertain with the guests. The lucky guest of "Lucky Moment" in children's park will get gifts and enjoy the happiness. There is a branch shop on the second floor of Tailong Department Store, which lies in Datong Road. In it shop, there is bowling club. It has become the new hot spot of city life.
Address: the Fourth Floor of No.1 Department Store, 8th Floor, Haixiu Road, Hainan
Tel: (0898) 6709397




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