Entry & Exit

Baggage Allowance for China Domestic Flights

1. What are checked baggage and carry-on/hand luggage? Answer: Checked baggage refers to the luggage given to the carrier for transport and picked up at the final destination. Carry-on luggage refers to the smaller bags and personal items you are permitted to bring onto the plane and keep in the cab...

Declaration of Customs

1. What are the red channel and the green channel? Answer: When you have something to declare to the custom or you have no idea to take which one, choose the red channel, otherwise, the green channel.2. How much USD or CNY in cash can I take? Answer: The amount can not be larger than that of you tak...

Entry Regulations of China

1.What are the procedures for a foreigner entering into China in the open port? Answer: Health Check, Frontier Inspection, Custom declaration, Security Check.2. What certificates should I prepare when enter into China? Answer: A valid passport and visa are required. Usually the airline/ship will giv...

Exit Regulations of China

1. What documents should I prepare when exit China? Answer: Your passport, visa, credentials and other documents that have been checked by the frontier inspection office. Besides, you need to fill a Departure Card and a Custom declaration Form when leaving. You should leave China within the time lim...


1. What is passport?A passport is always required when traveling from one country to another. This is the official certificate of citizenship issued by your country confirms your identity and nationality.Actually, the word "passport" in English means the pass of a port. In other words, the...

Embassy & Consulate

1. Embassy in Austria Ambassador: Mr. Shi DemingAddress: Metternichgasse 4, A-1030 Vienna (Wien), Austria Tel: +43-1-7143149Office Hours: 08:30-11:30, 14:00-16:00, Monday-Friday (except holidays)Email: [email protected] Website: http://www.chinaembassy.at2. Embassy in BelgiumAmbassador: Mr. Zha...


1. Detailedinformation onChina Visa(A).Entries Entries mean how many times the visa holder can enter China before the visa becomes invalid, which includes single, double and multiple. On the visa, single entry is printed as 01(壹), while double as 02(贰), and multiple as M(多). Visa will be automatical...
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