Hong Kong in Brief

Hong Kong is a perfect fusion of the Oriental and the Western features. Here, you can see a dynamic and contrast-filled city. Hong Kong is a very popular and glamorous attraction for tourists home and abroad. As an important financial market of the world, it is widely well-known as the Pearl of the Orient.

Travelling here, you can not only enjoy the amazing modern life, but also taste the abundance of the reminders of its history. Highlights in Hong Kong are the stunning Ocean Park, the fantastic viewpoint ofVictoria Peak or the beautiful Repulse, the joyful Hong Kong Disneyland, the pretty Aberdeen,  the atrractive Kowloon Park, the solemn Wong Tai Sin Temple and so on. No matter which tourist attraction you go, it will give you a sense of satisfaction and exceeds your expectations. You can also say that Hong Kong is the most exciting place.
Ocean Park, Hong Kong Guide, Hong Kong TravelHong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Guide, Hong Kong Travel
Hong Kong was once a small simple fishing village. But nowadays as a Special Administrative Region of the Peoples Republic of China, it has grown into the world's fourth largest banking and financial center and eighth largest trading economy. Covering an area of 1,104 square kilometers (426 square miles), situated in the southeast corner of China and east of Pearl River's (Zhu Jiang) entrance, it links with Shenzhen city in the north. There are more than 6,970,000 people in Hong Kong, most of which are Chinese. Now, though Mandarin is becoming more and more popular in Hong Kong, most people there still speak Cantonese and English. It is alright if you don’t know how to speak Cantonese, since most tourism personnel and taxi drivers can communicate in English. Most of the people here are in the faith of Christianity and Buddhism.

Geographically and administratively, Hong Kong is consists of three main sections: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. In the South China Sea and around the Coast of Hong Kong Island scatter many beautiful islands.

Aberdeen, Hong Kong Guide, Hong Kong TravelKowloon Park, Hong Kong Guide, Hong Kong Travel

It is widely known that Hong Kong is a “Shopping Paradise”. Among the three sections, Hong Kong Island is commonly the most important and popular district for tourists. It is without doubt that this is the heart and soul of the city in almost every sense of the word. Business here is booming. You can see that shopping, business, culture and politics are prosperous. It is this skyline that has made the pages of limitless glossy magazines and postcards graced graceful over the years. The island is consists of several districts, among which the central part h central is the business and financial center of Hong Kong, dominated by the Bank of China. If you climb up onto the Victoria Peak, you will get a bird’s-eye view of the island. And to the east of Central, there are many shoppers and shopping centers in Causeway Bay. Here you can also find the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which is the center of financial power in East Asia. We also have design masterpieces here, like the Bank of China and the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank. Additionally, Hong Kong is most famous for its film.
Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Guide, Hong Kong TravelWong Tai Sin Temple , Hong Kong Guide, Hong Kong Travel

Across the harbor from Hong Kong Island is Kowloon. It connects to the Chinese mainland through the New Territories where you can find a lot of open space along with some nice beaches. This area is famous for the hustle and bustle of the markets and sights, which gain its popularity with tourists. TsimShaTsui is arguably Hong Kong's finest. It is the main district in the southeast of Kowloon with the Hong Kong Cultural Center. You will feel delightful promenading along the waterfront, along with the Peninsula Hotel. Going northwards, you will get to Mong Kok where there are the best markets of the regions.

On the outlying islands of Hong Kong founds some peaceful and green areas. You can enjoy different beauties on islands here. Lamma Island can offer you both the beauty of the sea. You can experience the rural lifestyle of Hong Kong in the pretty fishing villages. Lantau Island is famous for its Discovery Bay, large Buddha and the fact that it is now home to both the International airport and the Hong Kong Disneyland. With the emergence of new attractions, you can see and do many things there. It really deserves a visit.

Hong Kong

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