Huangshan in Brief

Covering a vast area of 10,000 m2, Huangshan City is about 15 times as large as Singapore in size, which has witnessed a history of more than 2,000 years. The colorful cultures are so charming that visitors feel reluctant to leave. Xin'an school of painting, Hui architecture, Hui carvings, Hui cuisine, Xin'an medicine and Hui opera are the most typical and famous.

When speaking of the sceneries in Huangshan, the Mt. Huangshan Scenic Spot must cross our minds at the first second. Mt. Huang Scenic Spot, covering a vast area of 1,200 square kilometers, is known for the splendid and amazing landscapes around, among which the Mountain Huang, one of the most famous mountains in China, is praised as the most fantastic mountain for the marvelous sceneries it embraces. The exotic pines, the bizarre rocks, variable sea of clouds and hot springs around will be the excuses for you to stay here unwilling to leave.
Mt. Huangshan , Huangshan Travel, Huangshan Guide   Mt. Huangshan , Huangshan Travel, Huangshan Guide
In addition to Mountain Huang, other mysterious human landscapes, such as the well-preserved ancient villages (the film site of the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), archways (the Tangyue Memorial Archway, in Shexian County), the Tunxi Ancient Street, the Taiping Lake (in Huangshan District) and the Qiyun Taoist Mountain (in Xiuning County), will be a sumptuous cultural feast. Besides, the Xin'an River, Guniu Mountain Nature Reserve and the sights of Tachuan in autumn are good places to go as well.

Apart from the beautiful sceneries, Huangshan City is abundant in the rare species of animals and plants. The local people are so industrious and intelligent that some inventions they invented and longstanding traditional practices may throw you into surprise.


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