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Jinan in Brief

Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province on China's east coast, is located in the mid west of Shandong, it is the province's political, economic and cultural center. Jinan is at the juncture of the Beijing-Shanghai and Qingdao-Jinan railways. Nearby to the south is Mount Tai, officially recognized by the United Nations as part of the world's natural and cultural heritage. To the north is the Yellow River, which is called the "cradle of the Chinese nation." As Jinan boasts a number of natural springs amid picturesque scenery, it is known as the "City of Springs".
Jinan, Jinan Travel, Jinan Guide
The city has jurisdiction over five districts (Lixia, Licheng, Huaiyin, Tianqiao and Shizhong), four counties (Changqing, Pingyin, Shanghe and Jiyang) and Zhangqiu City, with a total area of 8,227 sq. km and a population of 5.49 million, including 2.54 million urban people.

Jinan has a long history for about 2000 years, it is famed for numerous relics. It is the cradle of the Longshan Relics Culture, the reputed prehistoric culture of China and is found in Longshan Town of Jinan, hence the name. In the area of Jinan, you will find far more than you would expect, Baotu Spring, Daming Lake, thousand-Buddha Mountain, The square of Spring City and so on.

Jinan, Jinan Travel, Jinan Guide
Jinan has been designated by the State Council as a famous historical and cultural city thanks to its long history. It is a hospitable city and tourists from all over the world come here. Marco Polo once visited Jinan and left words of praise to this city. The Baotu Spring, Daming Lake and the Thousand Buddha Mountain decorate Jinan as a Garden City.

There are some unique tourist souvenirs available in Jinan, such as Ejiao, Black Pottery, Lu Embroidery and Wooden-Fish wares. Jinan is the home of Lu Cai (Shandong cuisine), a popular cuisine of China.