Luoyang in Brief

Luoyang is a city of extraordinary historic significance, because it was once the capital of ancient China for 13 dynasties— it has been as the capital for a longer time than any other cities, and is the first capital of China as well as the one of cradle-lands of Chinese culture.

Located in the south bank of the Yellow River, the fifth longest river in the world, Luyang is a typical place where the ancient civilization originated. Luoyang, built in 1200 B.C., was one of the eight famous Chinese capitals. It has come through hundreds of years and left over numerous precious cultural heritages for us, such as the Longmen Grottoes, the White Horse Temple, the Hangu Pass, the Han-Wei Imperial City and the Mausoleum of Guangwu Emperor.

There are many other places for you to learn more about the grand culture or the celebrities of the ancient Luoyang city, like the Luoyang Museum, Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum, Luoyang Folklore Museum and the Shang Imperial City Museum, or Tomb of Fan Zhongyan, Nativity of Xuanzang.

In such an ancient city with so many cultural heritages, you can also experience the grand picturesque landscape and create the poem by yourself as the poets did. Baiyunshan Mountain, Yellow River, Jiguan (Cockscomb) Cave and Wangcheng Park are good places to go.
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Luoyang in the past years has been enjoying many, many reputations as follows:
City of Poem
City of Peony
Garden City of China
Millennium Royal Park
Excellent Tourism City of China
Top Ten Attractive City of China
The Starting Point of the Silk Road
The Most Worthy of Visiting City in 2006
Top Ten Cities the European Desire to Visit
The Most Popular City among the Oversea in 2010
The Center of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Cannel
One of the Ten Most Popular Tourism Cities among the Youth



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