Making Reservation

> What types of tour you offer?
    We offer both flexible individual China tours and group tours.

    For individual tours, we have many options available but we will be delighted to design itineraries for your special needs. Individual guided tours that we design for you will be exclusive to your family and friends. For small group tours, we have many special itineraries as well. For more information, please check our website

>  Can I join a group when I have already been in China?
    Reservations should be made in advance, as we have to make a full arrangement of the hotels, transfers, meals and book tickets for your internal flights, train journeys and attractions, etc.

> How can I make a reservation?
    Having made up your mind to take the favorite tour we offer on line, you can come here for inquiry and reservation. We will give you a reply within 24 hours.

>  How long will it take before my reservation is confirmed?
    It all depends. Normally the reservation can be confirmed within one or two days if the booking of airline tickets and hotels goes smoothly.

> Should I make a reservation with you first, or with an airline?
    It is wise to learn well about your favorite tour we offer and have a clear picture of how such things as airline and weather will go.

> Do I need to check my arrangements before traveling?
    Yes, you need to make sure that the entire schedule will go well and to ensure we are aware of your imminent arrival in China and everything will be ready for you.

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