Sanya in Brief

Sanya, a city stretches along the coasts of the South China Sea, is a god-given place where you can enjoy the freshest air, the pleasantest weather, the gentlest sunshine, the clearest seawater, the cleanest beach and, of course, the tastiest seafood.

Along the 210 km (130 miles) long coast, there are 19 bays and 40 islands, where there are more or less 2500 marine animal species inhabiting. All the natural resources create a tourism paradise for you.
Yalong Bay, Sanya Guide,Sanya TravelLuhuitou Peninsula, Sanya Guide,Sanya Travel
Sanya Bay, Yalong Bay and Dalong Bay are three most pleasant places to enjoy the blue sea and silver beach. The picturesque sceneries along the bays contribute to the high praises--Eastern Hawaii. Luhuitou Park in the southernmost point of Hainan Island is the first choice to enjoy the gorgeous sights of sunset and sunrise as well as the tides, and from where the whole sight of Sanya city can be seen. Another gracious place is End of the World where many newly wedding couples or love-struck pairs come for honeymoon or romantic tour.
End of the World, Sanya Guide,Sanya Travel Nanshan Temple, Sanya Guide,Sanya Travel
Such favorable natural condition also breeds plenty of tropical specialties such as coconut, coffee beans, gorgeous gemstones and seashells, natural crystals and pearls as well as many tropical fruits, sea products. Sanya is a city that endowed with the fine spirit where there are 750,000 residents consist of Han, Miao, Hui and Li nationality, hence the local culture and customs are of distinctive feature.

In addition, Sanya is enjoying many national and international reputations:
1. The largest diving place in China
2. The most livable city in China and in the world
3. The unique tropical coastal international resort in China.
4. The city with freshest air in China (ranking second to Havana, Cuba)
5. The city with pleasantest temperature (average temperature 25.4℃)
6. The city with the longest sunshine duration in China (300 days per year are sunny)
7. The city where the people are most longevous (average life expectancy is 80 years).


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