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In the past few years, there are a growing number of foreign students traveling to China with an aim to learn Chinese, travel around China or make adventure etc. If you plan to be one of the members and you come to China alone, please make sure you can take good care of everything.

You should know about what is the weather going to be like in the place you want to visit. Be sure to have enough cash in RMB Yuan, traveler's checks and bankcards to cover all financial eventualities while traveling. ATMs can help you get cash abroad and make sure you have a debit or credit card acceptable in China. As for accommodations, we suggest you stay in a Youth Hostel or budget hotels. You may choose to stay with a Chinese family, if you have a Chinese friend, your situation will be much better.

Foreign student cards for preferential fares such as train or air tickets, issued by your local school or organization, are currently unacceptable in China. However, scenic spots in some cities may offer a discount on admission fees. Only the student card issued by China's Ministry of Education enables students to enjoy a variety of favorable terms.

If you have an ISIC (International Student Identity Card), you can enjoy some preferential prices in Hong Kong, Macau and some cities in South China. For instance, you can get a discounted ticket on airplanes, buses, trains and ferryboats. In addition, you can save money visiting the world's leading museums and cultural sites. Some attractions and entertainment places may even accept it.

ISIC is obtainable in your own country through a travel agency or a relevant institution. If you are a full-time student aged 12 years or over, you are eligible for an International Student Identity Card. When apply for ISIC, you are required to show proof that you are currently a full-time student at a recognized institution. Proof could be your college or university student identity card or a signed letter from your school official. ISIC is valid from September this year to December of the next year. Once it is out of date, you should apply for a new one. To learn more about the details of ISIC, please go to the official website:


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