Suzhou Travel Tips

Climate and Weather

Suzhou is one of the best resorts for you to spend your holiday peacefully and leisurely. The reasons are simple that Suzhou is granted with the pleasant weather and harmonious natural environment. The mild sunshine and sufficient rain contribute to the harvest of grains as well as the picturesque scenic spots.

It rains much in summer with a average temperature of 28℃.The lowest temperature is as low as 2 ℃ in winter. The best time for holiday is spring and autumn.

Local Festivals and Folk Custom
As a melting pot in which 39 Chinese ethnic minorities live together and five religions, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism, and Protestantism, prevail, Suzhou is abundant and colorful in the culture and customs. In addition to the tradition festivals that all the Chinese celebrate, Suzhou people celebrate their own special local festivals.

Greeting the God of Fortune
Time: The fifth day of lunar January
Address: Shitang Street, Jinchang District

How to celebrate: People will set off the firecrackers in the morning when they open the gate, at the same time they will take out the best sacrifices to the God of Fortune. It is said that that day is the birthday of the Fortune God. Some people may wear a mask of Fortune God and jump and dance to greet the shopkeepers along the street for fortune in the coming year.

Winter-sweet Festival (Plum Blossom Festival)
Time: From Midmonth of February to March
Address: Plum Garden, Taihu District, Suzhou

How to celebrate: People can admire the lovely blossoming winter-sweet and take pictures. Some newlywed couples may hold wedding here.

Flower Festival (Baihua Festival)
Time: In April
Address: Shitang Street, Jinchang District

How to celebrate: Thousands of pots with blossoming flowers are placed along the Shantang Street that is by the Shantang River, making the street shinning. At night, being shinned by the neon lights and reflecting beams of the river, the whole street becomes more gorgeous and charming.

Other Odds and Ends

Useful Numbers
Phone Dialing Code: 0512
Postcode: 215000
Fire: 119
Police: 110
Ambulance: 120
Weather Forecast: 121
Car Renting: 67272200
Ship company:65205720
Suzhou Post Office: 67286827
Tourist Information: 65203131
Air Ticket Reservations: 65222788
Suzhou Railway Station: 67216726
Suzhou Tourist Complaints: 65223377

Other Tips
1. It is not that easy to tell apart from the genuine and sham silk-made goods, thus don’t covet the cheap one or you may lose.

2. It is wise to rent a bike to travel around for it is convenient and saves money, and the rout designed exclusively for the bikes is available.

3. If you are spending holiday with your families, the four famous gardens are the good place to go, because for the old and children those gardens are not so spacious to go around.





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