> What is tipping practice for visitors to China?
    In recognition of the good service, tipping waiters and maids in high-level western restaurants, guides and drivers from an organized tour group, as well as bellhops who take your luggage to the room has become gradually accepted as common practice in China as elsewhere in the world. While, it is still unnecessary to tip when taking a taxi, hiring a car or dining in Chinese restaurants. Please kindly realize that in some Chinese cities, especially the internationalized metropolis of Hong Kong and Macau, tipping is a common scene. 

> Must I tip when I enjoy the good service?
    Actually, tipping is not a must but it will be greatly appreciated by Chinese. Since tipping is a personal matter, please do not feel uneasy about it. What or when you choose to tip depends entirely on how you rate the service, but it is not compulsory to do so.

> When and where should I Tip?
    Tipping frequently occurs when you are in a tour group, superior hotel, western restaurant, or somewhere else when you are satisfied with the service. Remember that it is not necessary to tip in roadside eateries, snack stalls or even quality Chinese restaurants. Sometimes the bill in quality Chinese restaurants may have already included about 5% - 15% service charge. Tipping taxi drivers or skycaps is also unnecessary.

> How much should I tip?
    Although tipping is not required, gratuities may improve service. For the bellboys or waiters of high-level hotels and western restaurants, 5-30 CNY (1-5 US dollars) may be appropriated as the tip. If you are uncertain about how much to give, just to tip based on your bill. Generally, 10% - 15% of the bill is the most proper amount. For the tour guide and the driver, 10-70 CNY (1-10 US dollars) a day per person is adequate. 

> Do I have to tip when join an organized tour?
    Tipping guides and drivers of an organized tour is an acceptable practice in China, especially for the guides who are professionals and go to guide schools. Please kindly note that the quotation offered by tour agencies usually exclude the tips for the guides and drivers, so if you are satisfied with their service, you may tip them yourself.

> Do I always have to tip in cash?
    If you like, cash is sure a good way. Another way, in which you can express your appreciation of service from your tour guide or driver, is a small gift such as foreign cigarettes, wine, candies, hats or T-shirts, even a lipstick or nail polish. Small gifts or spare change left in the room for maid is also appreciated.


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