When Traveling


Accommodation plays an important role in your tour, guaranteeing a dynamic and cheerful passion to go on your journey. Therefore, it is safe to say that choosing the good accommodation is a good start of your tour. As the number of the tourists has been growing in a fast speed, Chinese hotels have b...

Area Code & Zip Code

China Area Code & Zip Code Area code is several numbers used to group telephone numbers (mobile phone number excluded) by geographic areas. Area code usually indicates certain geographic areas, such as 10 stands for Beijing, 21 stands for Shanghai, and 29 stands for Xian. It is used when dia...

Avoiding Traps

> Many Chinese travel agents are claiming to be established in 1950s on their websites, is it true? This is an absolute cheating. Chinese government did not grant their permission for the establishment of any travel agents until Deng Xiaopings Opening Door Policy in 1978. > There are numbers o...


Telephone and Cell Phone> Can I use my cell phone in China?Most of the cell phones bought in foreign countries can not be normally used in China. However, some of the high-end phones are compatible. Please consult the manufacturer of your cell phone before your trip. However, the international ai...


As unexpected things may happen, so do the offensives of your legal rights and interests. Therefore, you should notice the complaint procedures in case the offensive may happen to you.> Complaint PremiseAccording to Chinese stipulations, tourist has the right to complain only the matters happen i...


Unexpected things happened everyday. Emergencies during travelling are commonplace for foreign travellers and can occasionally have serious consequences; therefore we recommended foreign travellers choose a travel agency that offers you comprehensive, 24-hour back-up for emergencies. Besides arrangi...

Food & Drink

Some tourists come to China may not just for the picturesque landscapes, but also for the sumptuous Chinese cuisines that is about 1.7 million years old. Chinese cuisine has a very high reputation worldwide and represents the magnificent culture of the Chinese nations almost five-thousand-year old g...


China is a shopping paradise where all your needs can be met. Abundant in various unusual and characteristic goods, China never make you disappointed or worried about what to buy. Numerous specialties and souvenirs for your friends and family, including Chinese silk, tea, antiques, paintings and cal...


Transportation accounts for a large part of your tour, so a choice of the best and most comfortable way of journey will be consistent with your aim of relaxation.China currently has a comprehensive system of modern transportation, which includes civil aviation, railway, road traffic, and water trans...

Useful Numbers

During your traveling of China, if you happen to meet the emergent situations (such as fire and traffic accidents), or unexpectedly run into troubles or have some questions to inquire, here are some useful telephone numbers available in China, which will be of a great help to you. Telephone NumbersS...
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