Women and Children

Traveling with children may be more challenging since children are inherently vivacious, naughty and easily bored and the infants or toddlers need much more special care will place much loads on adults. Sometimes a trip with kids can be an interesting test of patience and preparedness, but never worry about this. China is always glad to extend a welcome to your lovely children. With the considerate preparation, travel with kids will be a happy and enjoyable experience. Here is some useful information for your reference to help to make your trip with children more enjoyable, comfortable and safe.

(1). Before Departure
a). Familiarize yourself with the instructions that concerning children when traveling, including the visa, passport, preferential measures and discounts on varied transport fares as well as the admission fees of the scenic spots.

b). Choose appropriate destinations that are suitable for both you and your children to visit. The informative, educational and instructive showplaces that are full of history, culture and art, like China, may widen your children's field of vision and enhance their knowledge. Try to find information or collect some material related to your destination and introduce them to your children, which may establish a good background for your kids to understand and enjoy the coming trip.

c). Choose the right time to travel. Children tend to be active and adventurous so it is vital that you are able to exercise the right level of control over them. Infants may cause much more trouble. So an appropriate time to set out is very important. Try to select a time when children may sleep in transit. This will ensure not only your peace of mind but also that of fellow travelers.

d). Make a reasonable itinerary for your travel. Children lack the physical strength of adults, so your routes should not be very grueling or too long. Make your journey scheduling as flexible and relaxed as possible to ease pressure on your kids.

e). Pack your luggage well. Do not forget the things especially used for your children including necessary clothes, food (some snacks and socks), toys, feeding-bottle (for infant) and a first-aid kit where some day to day medicines to deal with minor mishaps.

f). Make sure that your children are fit to travel; if there are problems, do follow the doctor's advice. If your trip is going to include physical activity, such as a fair amount of walking, practice before hand is recommended. Make sure that you have adequate health and travel insurances for your children.

g). If possible, bring your baby-sitter or nursemaid as companions to travel together with your family. They may be the very persons best suited to look after your children and so lessen any problems.

2. On the way  
Make sure you have already booked the train/air tickets especially for your child at the required price. Contact the airport, airlines, or train stations as early as possible to tell the attendants your special needs and care for your children, so that they can make any relevant preparation in advance.

When you are on board, wear the seat belt for your children (infant should be held and carried in your arms or fixed on a special seating). Do not let them wander at will in the cabin or compartment to prevent possible injury or discomfort to other travelers.

Try your best to keep your children quiet. So in order to engage their attention, let them read books, listen to stories, and provide them with refreshment as appropriate..

Contact the hotel in advance to ascertain the general condition of the guest room. Make sure all the facilities are accessible for your children's use. If necessary, ask the hotel reception to arrange for special needs such as an extra bed or crib as well as the availability of child minding services.

Hide away any small gadgets, or dangerous items that may harm your children. Be conversant with the hotel emergence procedures in the event of fire, etc. 

4. Eating
When traveling, especially when traveling abroad there will be a change in diet. Children may not like the dishes on offer so you should consider their dietary needs with care. It is wise to ensure that they avoid unwashed fruit and the like as well as uncooked food and that you take all reasonable care to avoid stomach upsets.

5. Traveling
Try to avoid visiting the more dangerous scenic spots as mountain and cliff footpaths, water in all its forms and areas such as jungle all present hazards. Pay much attention to your children's movements. Keep them under your control and in view at all times. Prepare some amusing games that may add some interest during trips and thus keep your children occupied.

Do not let them go out alone. Since tourist destinations are usually unfamiliar to you, accompany your children all the time to make sure they are away from dangers. It is recommended that your children carry a note of your name, telephone and address in their pocket in case they might get lost.

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