Yichang in Brief

Yichang, located at the eastern exit of Ming Gorge in west Hubei Province, has been defined as a distributing center, an important trading port and a transportation hub along the Yangtze River linking west Hubei and east Sichuan since ancient times. Yichang covers 21,084 sq. km. with a population of 3.89 million. It is known as the "Gateway to the Three Gorges" and "Throat between Sichuan and Hubei". And the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River are divided here.

Yichang City, Yichang Travel, Yichang  Guide Yichang City, Yichang Travel, Yichang  Guide
It is also a place connecting the cultures of Ba in the west (an ancient state in the eastern part of what is now Sichuan Province) and Chu in the east (an ancient state in what is now Hubei and northern Hunan provinces). It is inhabited by Tujia ethnic group.

The Ge Zhouba Dam built by the end of 1970s is located here. And the world well-known Yangtze Dam is only about 40km to the north of this city. Today, Yichang remains a brisk river port of China, controlling the access to Chongqing city to its southwest.
Sturgeon Museum , Yichang Travel, Yichang  Guide Shennong Stream, Yichang Travel, Yichang  Guide
Yichang has quite different geographic features from other cities in China. There are mountains and forest in the west, a vast stretch of flat fertile land in the east. In the whole area of the city land, the mountain area amount for 69%, hills amount for 21%, plains amount for 10%, which form the characteristic of ground form of 'seven mountains, two mounds and one plain.

Other scenic spots like Three Visitor’s Cave, Shennong Stream, Chinese Sturgeon Museum are also famous.



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