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8/15/2013 1:55:56 AM Mr. Jack Hilton said:
Hello. May I know what is best time to visit Beijing and Chengde. Thanks.
8/15/2013 2:22:09 AMCarrie replied:
Hello. Jack.The best time to Chengde is from April to October, for the beautiful natural scenery and favorable weather. Chengde enjoys a continental climate with four distinct seasons. Tourists can visit Chengde in any time to experience different charms in different seasons.When would you like to make the visit.Thanks.
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8/15/2013 1:53:41 AM Ms. Lucy Donald said:
hello. I work in Beijing. I would like to spend several days in Chengde. What do you recommend?Thanks.
8/15/2013 2:20:58 AMMonica replied:
Hello, Lucy. Thanks for your questions.Here are the attrations recommended: First Pass Under Heaven at Shanhaiguan:No.1 pass of the Great Wall,the starting point of ancient Great Wall. Old Dragon's Head ( Laolongtou ):the easternmost end of the Great Wall, which extends 23 meters into the sea,like a dragon drinking water, hence its name. Beidaihe:Beidaihe is one of nine famous sun-rise watching spots in China. The Yingjiao Paviliono is the best place to watch the sun rise. you can relax at the beach , watch sunrise and have sea cruise. Jiaoshan hiking:Jiaoshan is the first mountain peak of the Great Wall from Shanhaiguan. Therefore people call it “the first peak of the Great Wall". This section of the Great Wall was built during the reign of Emperor Hongwu (1328-1398) of the Ming Dynasty, and it extends about 1500 meters. we can arrange the tour to Chengde. Let me know if you are interested.Thanks.
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8/15/2013 1:50:15 AM Ms. Mandy said:
Hello. what is the best trasportation to get to Chengde?
8/15/2013 2:19:21 AMMonica replied:
Hello. Mandy. If you go to Chengde from Beijing, you'd better take train. The farthest train(K7711) to Chengde takes about four and half an hour. Thanks.
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