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6/9/2012 3:38:05 AM Ms. Shuni said:
Hello. I'll be traveling solo on the silk road this August. On August 19th I wish to take a day trip to Bayanbulak Grassland. Is there a public bus from the city center of Korla? Is the bus easy to get? If there's no public bus, do you know a budget car rental agent? I look forward to your reply and thank you in advance.
6/10/2012 8:07:13 PMAlex replied:
Dear Ms. Shuni, Firstly, you can take a train from Korla to Hejing County. It takes about 1 hour and half. Then from the Hejing Central Bus Station, you can take a public bus to Bayanbulak. The departure time of the bus is about 8:30 in the morning. From Hejing to Bayanbulak, it's 375 KM. So, it's a long bus ride. And the road is not very good somewhere.
6/13/2012 7:24:00 PMMr. Shuni Vashti replied:
Dear Alex, "History of Mongolian people of Korla" that does sound interesting. Thanks for introducing Lionel Liu's contact number. I'll do my best to bother him. Do you know anybody else I can bother while in Turpan, Hotan, and Urumqi? By the way, in China, is there a SIM Card which I can use to make international calls to Indonesia from any part of China? The previous time I traveled to China, I bought a SIM Card in Chengdu Airport. The shopkeeper said that I could make an international call to Indonesia with that. But when I was at the hotel and wanted to call home, I couldn't get connected. The card was fine for domestic calls though. I asked my hotel's fort desk's staff and she said that my card can only be used for international calls if used from Xi'An. This time, while traveling the Silk Road, I wish to have one SIM Card which I can use all along the way to make both domestic and international calls (just to Indonesia). Do you know one?
6/13/2012 7:19:28 PMMr. Alex replied:
Dear Shuni, You can call Cory Guo while you are in Turpan, Hotan and Urumqi. He is a good friend and local business partner of mine. He is based in Urumqi, but he can offer the travel information while you are in all those places. His cell: 13079937502 For the SIM card, as I know, it doesn't matter where you buy the card, it depends on whether you tell them to activate the international call service. So, I suggest you go to an offficial China Mobile office (the office with a China Mobile logo. I will attach the lolo in the attached file) to buy the card, asking them if it has the international call service and if yes, tell them to activate it. My cell number is 13507732100. Feel free to call me when necessary. Anyway, I think to travel along the Silk Road is bit of challenge, especially for someone who doesn't speak Chinese. Think about to get a partner with you.
6/12/2012 7:41:05 PMMr. Alex replied:
Dear Shuni, You are just welcome to ask any question about traveling in China. One of China Expedtion Tours' missions is to offer free travel consulting service. Since you have two days in Korla, besides Bosten Lake and the Iron Gate, the Hero's Tower of Returning to the East is good place for you to get to know some very interesting history of the Mogolian people of Korla. Unfortunately, we do not have a group during August 18-19 there. But we have a local agent and friend whoes name is Lionel Liu in Korla. When you get there, please call him by his cell phone: 13999022725 to ask his help to rent a car or van, or join in a day-tour there. He is a very nice man who speaks good English and he is an expert of travel in Korla and Xinjiang. Feel free to "Bother" him :) lol:) Always wish you good luck!
6/12/2012 6:43:59 PMMr. Shuni replied:
Hello, Alex. Thanks a lot for your detail information. After looking over it, I conclude that Bayanbulak won't fit into my itinerary for this time. I've seen several photographs of Bosten Lake by sunset. I would like to go there. According to Google Maps it's not so far from the city. Alex, according to current train schedule, I will arrive at 8:06 AM in Korla (from Turpan K9757). And then I'll leave for Kashgar the next day at 21:58 PM with K9787. Besides Bosten Lake and Iron Gate, do you have any suggestion? Do you have a group budget tour which I might be able to join in on August 18-19? Do you know a budget car rental agency in Korla, Turpan, and Hotan? Also if you know budget group tours in Turpan and Hotan, please let me know. The ones I've found in the internet are long journey tours that takes days. I want short tours like a 1 day or 2 days tour. Again, I look forward to hear from you. Your information would surely be great help for me. Thank you very much. Regards, Shuni Vashti
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