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9/18/2012 1:43:12 AM Mr. Derek said:
Why is the Tiger HIll known as " hill inside a temple"?
9/18/2012 2:18:52 AMSue replied:
This is because the Cloud Rock Temple virtaly enclose Tiger Hill. The first gate to the templr is located near a river off the hill, and the second gate is at the foot of the hill. This peculiar arangement has inspires many poets over the dynasties.
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Topic or Question About : Suzhou
9/18/2012 1:40:46 AM Mr. Cheney said:
What are the Suzhou's origines?
9/18/2012 2:33:34 AMJessica replied:
Around 514 BC, the King of Wu He Lu orderes his Counselor in -Chief, Wu, ro build the city and named it after himself. In 589,it was renamed Suzhou. Since then, the layout and the size of the city has remained basically unchanged, something that has rarely happened in the history of world civilization.The city boasts 436 sites of cultural significance that are under county-level protection and 10 under national protection.
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