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4/8/2018 2:28:43 AM Ms. Claudia said:
My husband and i are planning to visit China arriving 21 Aug and spending time in Beijing for 4 days, then travel to Xian for the Terracotta Warriors, then fly from Xian on 26 Aug. Could you please arrange a tour?
4/11/2018 11:13:16 PMJay replied:
Dear claudia, thank you for your interest in China Expedtion Tours.We will tailor an itinerary and email you.
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3/8/2018 8:19:40 PM Mr. Andrew House said:
Is the Tang Dynasty Show on in June? What time is the show? I heard people can have dumpling dinner before or during the show, can we do that?
3/8/2018 8:28:41 PMJohn Wu replied:
Hi Andrew, thanks for your question! Yes, the show is on all the time. You can enjoy the same of similar show in 3 theaters. And you can have the dumpling meal before/during the show in any theater. Hope our answer can be helpful for you. Have a great stay in Xi'an!
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9/17/2012 8:14:45 PM Mrs. Doris said:
Why is Xi'an listed as one of the four ancient capital in the world?
9/17/2012 9:02:57 PMHedy replied:
The dynasty that set their capital in Xi'an were the ,ost poerfull regimes that united China. Their regins were the best in Chinese histiry, during which X'an was the cultureal center of the Asia Silk Road, Xi'an was matshed only by Rome, which represented Western civilization. For all these resons , Xi'an was listed as one of the four ancient capitals in the world.
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9/17/2012 8:12:30 PM Ms. Beverly said:
What are the city tree, flower and emblem of Xi'an?
9/17/2012 8:58:28 PMSue replied:
The city tree of Xi'an is Chinese locust, widely planted in the city since ancient times. The municiple flower isthe pomegranate, with a 2,000-year hitory of cultivation. Drought-resident and easily managed, it is used primaily as a bonsai material. The city emblem consists of the Bing Wild Goose Pagida, the sun and the ancient city wall, symbols of Xi'an's ancient history and everlasting vigor.
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9/17/2012 8:09:40 PM Mr. Bob said:
Are there any nightclubs in Xi'an?
9/17/2012 8:53:39 PMSummer replied:
Tanglegong Hotel offers dinner shows that are similar to a nightclub. The facility, dubbed the only Las Vegas-style nightclub in China, covers a space of 7,000 squre meters , with a capacity to accommodate 1,200dinners at the same time. The restaurant caters to both Chinese and Western tastes, featuring famous dshs of the Tang imperial court. The show is charachterized by songs and dances also from the Tang Dynasty, offerig a glimpose of the culture of the most important dyansty in Chinese.
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