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Mangrove Forest Natural Protection Area

The Natural Reserve of Mangrove Forest is the smallest natural reserve at national level and it is a part of  marine woody near Shenzhen Bay.Mangrove Forest Natural Protection Area gets its name for the ocean woody groups with light red trunks. The area is the home for  200 breeds of birds, 20 of which belong to international or national precious and rare birds.

 Mangrove Forest Natural Protection Area Mangrove Forest Natural Protection Area

In the Mangrove Forest Natural Protection Area, the plant protection zone is tranquil and quiet. The lush Red Forests, the lovely birds and fish, and the clean water together construct a beautiful and natural picture in which one can regain the feeling of leisure life in the nature. 

The Mangrove Foreat Natural Protection Area is listed as one of the international units to be given important protection by international Union of Nature and Natural Resources Protection. It also belongs to the "Man and Biosphere" network.

Location:Binhe Avenue,Futian District,Shenzhen
Transportation:Bus K105,322 or 353 will bring you here.