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Guilin tourism boomed on the first day of May Day Holiday
By: China Expedition Tours Published: 5/3/2014 3:20:38 AM

It became clear in Guilin, China’s most popular tourist city in South China’s Guangxi Autonomous Region, on the first day of the" May Day" holiday, which increased the number of citizens, tourists to get out and travel. Yesterday, the Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Hill, Seven Star Park and other representative of the traditional tourist areas, the number of visitors compared to last year have varying degrees of growth.


Yesterday morning, they Xiangshan scenic tourists . Beijing 's Fan Zeng couples come here to admire the beauty , the Guilin landscape full of praise . "I grew to know Semiotic, today a look, really deserved reputation ." 

According Xiangshan Scenic person in charge, "May Day" the day more than 5,800 tourists , a big increase over last year. He expects the two days , visitors will be further growth after the holidays , foreign tourists and Guilin neighboring provinces self-driving tourists will be the main source . 

In the Reed area, visit the " Ambassador hole" of visitors . Launched the naked eye in the scenic 4D visual show, but also to the hole visitors had enough eye addiction . According to statistics, the day of scenic spots received more than 3,300 , up 10 percent over last year . 

From Hunan to drive from Guilin to play Tang told reporters , " May Day" highway toll free , convenient and economical to Guilin . In addition to exploring the Reed Flute Cave , Tang is also preparing to take his family to visit the scenic Lijiang River and Terraced Fields "usually busy at work , busy children to study , no chance to get together with your family vacation is a rare reunion tour together very good . " 

Seven scenic area is one of the public 's favorite attractions . Yesterday , they organized a number of activities within the scenic area , attracting many residents of 12 counties come to play . Pingle Liu came with her daughter at China Square taking pictures, "These days we are shopping in the city , the children always wanted to see the panda , the finally let her do so ." The person in charge , according to estimates scenic day scenic spots received More than 2,000 visitors . 

Although only a three-day holiday , but reporters saw at Mopanshan dock , come here to explore all sides of visitors last year was not reduced compared to Lijiang . The reporter learned from relevant departments , a few days before the number of visitors began to rise early in the "51 ." According to statistics, issued yesterday morning cruise 53 visitors nearly 5,000 people , while the boat issued a few days before a day on average more than 40 . The vast majority of tourists come to visit Lijiang are tourists from other provinces , and many tourists to take advantage of "May Day" holiday, also chose to fight fake travel peak load shifting . 

Tourists Miss Tian from Beijing, is one of them . She told reporters , "Guilin is beautiful, from the elementary school I attended Semiotic, finally got his wish to be here today in order to come here, do not rush to fight fake too , so I took a few days together with my family false , plus 'May' small holiday for three days, just to more Wanji Tian . " 

Mr. Ye, visitor from Inner Mongolia also took two days off. " Peak shifting travel is better, if all people came at the time, it will be too crowded," said Mr. Ye.