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As a division and sub-brand name of CYTS International Tours Co., Ltd. Guilin, China Expedition Tours (CET) specializes in organizing exciting tours of China with distinct characteristics, particularly for families, students, high-end demands and other professionals. While all of our tours have their own distinct characteristics, each one offers a high level of interaction and participation. We offer tours that are active and exciting which allow maximum participation for guests of all ages. We also have relaxing and amusing tours which are suitable for families with children and senior citizens, and finally, we have specialized tours for adventurous travelers which will allow them to satisfy their needs of conquest and achievement throughout the tour.

China Expedition Tours’ sponsor, CYTS International Tours Co., Ltd. Guilin, is the wholly-owned subsidiary of China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd. - Top China Tour Operator founded in 1980. China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd. was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on December 3, 1997 -- the first travel services to be listed (Stock Code: 600138). China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd invests in travel, high-tech, venture capital and security business. CYTS business operations include inbound travel, domestic travel, outbound travel, conferences and exhibitions, as well as high-tech products development and technical support, travel-affiliated resources development and online information, and of course, online tour booking and operating services -- the role China Expedition Tours plays.

Our slogan “Show You an Authentic China” is our constant commitment and pursuit. This makes our tour-designs obviously different from others. Our round-the-clock China travel consulting service, professional and caring guides, safe and comfortable land transport, various accommodation choice and nationwide service network system are all the factors in providing you a safe, comfortable and distinctive trip in China. Meanwhile, we also advocate “Environmental Responsibility Travel”. We place great emphasis on it to make your trip an environment-friendly, meaningful and memorable experience.