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Spruce Meadow (Yunshanping)

Yunshanping, a virgin forest with abundant rare natural resources, is considered as the holy land of the Naxi people. She is a botanist's paradise and a "kingdom of medicinal materials". Of the 13,000 kinds of plants in Yunnan, more than half of them can be found here. From April to June the azaleas may dress the mountain in a riot of brilliant color. In autumn, blue rough gentian flowers cover her marshlands. She is decorated with blooming flowers 10 months of the year.

Spruce Meadow (Yunshanping)Spruce Meadow (Yunshanping)

Throughout the ages, the grassland has been regarded as the gateway to a mysterious kingdom and a holy land for young lovers. With the development of civilization, fewer people are forced to marry and this is no longer the spot it once was, where lovers came to suicide for love. Instead, this place has been turned into a stage where young people from different minority groups perform folk dance and sing their folk songs to welcome visitors. Yunshanping has a small cable car providing access to the grassland area.

If your tour schedule falls on the folk festivals, it will be pretty funny and exciting for you to get the chance of joining the local people in the celebrations of the Torch Festival celebrated on 24th of lunar June and other such interesting events as horse race, wrestling and god-worship ceremony.

Opening Hours: the whole day

Ticket Price: 40 CNY

Location: 25 km away from the Lijiang City

Transportation: Bus No. 7 (15 CNY) and taxi (100 CNY) will bring you here.