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Guangxi Folk Cultural Garden

Guangxi Folk Cultural Garden lies in Guangxi Museum on the east of Qiyi Square. It is a site built and specialized for showing the styles of Guangxi folk usual life. In the Garden, there are Zhuangzu Minority houses, Yaojia Minority bamboo buildings, Miaojia Minority hanging building, Copper Drum building, Dong Minority bridges and Maonan Minority residents etc. Besides, the folk handiwork workshops also can be found here, where tourists can try themselves to make something. On the bamboo building, there are folk restaurants where local delicious are served.
Guangxi Folk Cultural Garden Guangxi Folk Cultural Garden
Besides, there is a big copper drum model in front of the Gate, which is outstanding style of its kind. Guangxi is a famous town of Copper Drums. Copper Drums is a beautiful flower of bronze culture in ancient Chinese, which has a history of 2700 years till now. Guangxi is main district of making and using the Copper Drums. Among of 1400 of Copper Drums excavated, 500 were discovered in Guangxi. In this Garden, there are 320 Copper Drums to be preserved, one of which, the Wenleiwen Copper Drum excavated in Yuanjingzhen of Beiliu county is the biggest in Guangxi, as well as the biggest discovered in the world by now. The diameter of Drum cover is 165 centimeters, 67.5 high, and 300 kg. It is called King of Copper Drums. More over, it is a symbol of wealth and right for nobles and tribes heads. It is said that anyone who has three Drums will be the king. Copper Drum is a kind of music instrument made of copper and tin metal and it was used to assist in dancing, sacrifice ceremony, training troops, fighting and so on. 

Location:No.21-1 Gucheng Road, Nanning.
Entrance Fee:RMB 8
Transportation:Bus No.11