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Nanhu Park

Nanhu Park  Nanhu Park

Nanhu Park covers an area of 1.3 square kilometers (about 0.5 square miles) with a quarter of the whole park covered by the lake. Nanhu Lake was once a brook connecting to a river. In the Tang Dynasty (618-907), a terrible flood occurred and submerged the surrounding fields and houses, which was how Nanhu Lake was created. In the reign of Jingyun emperor of Tang Dynasty, Simalvren, a local high rang official collected a lot of workers to build banks separating the floodwater and sluice it, then, to be a lake. From then on, people plant various the trees and flowers on each side of the bank and turn it into a beautiful attraction. In 1972, it was built to be a park with semi-tropical flowers and plants. What is worth else to visit in the park is the Baise Uprising Museums built in 1984 and in memory of Baise and Longzhou Uprising.

Nanhu Lake is an ideal place to entertain oneself. In the park, tourists can fully appreciate the views of various plants, such as Pinang, Chinese fan palms, and other tropical trees. There is a garden with hundreds of precious flowers and bamboo, containing three attractive inner gardens, the Chinese herbal gardens with over 200 kinds of Chinese herbs, the orchid gardens and the bonsai gardens. A visit in the gardens will reward you with not only abundant knowledge but also the pleasures of natural beauty.

Above the lake, there is a nine-arch scenic bridge and a long bank where you can get a view of the lake. Fish eateries will also provide you with delicious local food. Either boating on the lake or fishing at the shore can indeed offer you an escape from the pressures of the city life. In addition, there is a museum set up in 1984 in order to commemorate two uprisings in history. It was constructed in the Guangxi folk style which is also worth visiting.

Location: No.1 Binhu Road, Nanning
Entrance Fee: Free
Transportation: Buses: 6,11,12,16