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Qingxiu Mountain

Qingxiu Mountain, another name is Green Mount or Taiyuling, is after the name of its dense green forest and its beauty. The beautiful Green Mount is regarded as the lung of Nanning City. The Mount is as high as only 207km above sea level and covers 800 hectares. Whenever the breeze below, you will hear the sound from trees just like from ocean wave, which is the famous scenery, Pine Wave.
Qingxiu Mountain   Qingxiu Mountain
On the Mount there is a tower named Longxiang Tower or Qingshan Tower. It is a symbol of the Mount. Being started to build in the Ming Dynasty, the tower had 9 stories originally and two of them was destroyed later by thunder. During the War of Resisting Japanese Invading, the government worried that it would be the navigation mark for Japanese fights to bomb Nanning, then bombed it out. In the middle of 80ˇs, it was rebuilt and kept the same style as Ming Dynasty: blue bricks and bluish green tiles octagonal fold-eaves. It has 9 stories with a rotated ladder, 60 meters in high and 12 meters in diameter. It is the biggest tower in Guangxi. If you go up to the top of the tower, you will have a view as far as tens of km, as well as the whole picture of Nanning On the half way of the Mount, there is a lake named Taichi. It covers 15000 sq meters and 2-3meters in deep. The blue sky and white clouds are upturned reflecting in the water. In the lake, a small island standing there, it is wonderful places for visitors to have a rest. Another lake, Yaochi, with an area of 5000 meters is located in the east of Sanbaotang Temple. A peach forest is around the lake. Visitors who come here in spring can enjoy the beauty of peach flowers flourishing. Tianchi lake, Yaochi lake and the green forest on Qingxiu Mount make this area be a huge air-adjuster as well as a huge lung of Nanning to breath the fresh air. 

Location:No.19 Qingshan Road,Qingxiu District,Nanning
Entrance Fee:RMB 20
Transportation:Take Bus No.10 or 33 at Department Store and get off at last stop.