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Renmin Park

Renmin Park is named after Bailong(white dragon)Lake, so is also called Bailong Park as well. It is recorded that Diqing, a General of Song Dynasty has lived this area. One day, he saw a group of white sheep walking in line just like a white dragon and then named the lake Bailong Lake. In front of the gate, there is a hillside named Wangshanpo, with dense green forest, which is the main attraction of the Park. Here, a stone path with 141 steps and 10meters wide go up to the top of the mountain. It is said that Louxiu, a person in the Jin Dynasty had cultivated himself here and became celestial being, so that it is called Luixiu Mt after him. On this mount, there is a castle build by laying bricks, within which it is a platform for a cannon made in German. Wangshanpo is the highest point of the Nanning City. On the south of Wangshanpo, it is the Bailong Lake.

Renmin Park  Renmin Park

On each bank of the lake, the green bamboos are inverted reflection in water and the willows are weeping with gentle breeze. An island in the lake is connected with banks by two small bridges, on which people can enjoy with feeding fish. On the north of the hillside, there are memorials tower for revolutionists, which is 25 meters in high and surrounded by the dense green pines around. In the center of the park, there is a large-scale garden of sunless growing plants. Standing on the top of it, you will have a bird eye of the whole city.

Location:No.16 Minzhu Road, Nanning
Entrance Fee:Free
Transportation:It takes ten minutes on foot from Chaoyang Square or you can take Bus No.14,17,38 or 218.