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Yiling Cliff

Yiling Cliff is a typical karst landform. It enjoys the highly reputation same with Seven Star Cliff of Guilin, but itself has a unique style with the taste of Zhuang Minority Village.

The cliff was originally a river channel under the earth and gradually became a cliff by the result of lithosphere rising. After corroding by water for several millions years, the densely covered stalactites in the cliff are in various shapes. The shape of the cliff is very like a conch. It is 45 in deep and 24000 sq meters in area. With the 1100 meters long tour distance, it has over 100 scenic spots within.

Yiling Cliff  Yiling Cliff

It is marvelous to see that the dense plants just growing at the gate of the cliff and the many peaks stand just around it. Looking back the entrance when you come in the cliff, you will find two lions standing each side of the road, just like welcoming the visitors to be here, which is the first spot called Twin Lions Greet Guests. Go ahead along the path and pass a huge tree, you will be the Zhuang Minority village where mountain-like golden paddies and mealiest, fresh vegetables and fruits in cumulate are in sight. In front of the village, there is a path zigzagging to go up, the terrain higher and higher, wonderer and wonderer, which is famous as Heaven Corridor. At the end of the path, a hall-like cave will meet you suddenly. A lot of huge, long and up-turn hanging stalactites let you feel that you are in a dense forest. 

Location:Shuangqiao Town,Wuming County,Nanning
Entrance Fee: RMB 60
Transportation:Take shuttle bus at Anji Bus station to Wuming and get off at Yiling Cliff.