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Daming Mountain

Daming Mountain is located on the east of Wuming County and 38km away from the county. It is one of the biggest mounts in southern part of China. The main spots of Daming Mount are Gannan River Valley, which is always covered with the flowing clouds and is surrounded by many peculiar peaks; Six large natural lawns circled by ancient woods but no any trees in the middle part; Mount waterfall, which clashes three levels on end. Its biggest fall, 60 meters in high looks like a shaking dragon tail. Besides, a spot, Celestial Being Mirror, is wonderful.


On the highest peak, there is Xianrentai (Celestial Being Station) where is said that the Celestial Being always gathered here and entertained themselves. Under the station, it is white clouds as well as sea. If it is fine, visitors who go up to the Xianrentai they will see a large light and colorful ring that the outer is red and the inner is with six colors.

In the ring, people will see their form, it is the Celestial Being Mirror. This phenomenon can be seen in Mt. Emei. It is said only lucky persons may meet it. The four seasons in Daming Mount are quite different. Because it is as beautiful as Mt.Lushan in Jiangxi Province , so it has a name as Guangxi Lushan. Its average altitude above sea level is 1200 meters and the altitude of its main peak, which is the highest in Guangxi, is 1785 meters above sea level. Here, the peaks are abrupt the gullies and valleys are deep and serene, the brooks flows with great ease, the forest are in flourish, the climate is cool and rainy. Due to the condition of the terrain and climate here are in specialty, the ecosystem is kept well.

More over, there are a plenty of natural resources and rare animals. The kinds of plants are more than 1800 and the wildings more than 80. Of which, Heiye Monkey and Lai Monkey belong to the first state-class animal protected.

Location:No.1 Mingshan Road, Liangjiang Town,Wuming County,Nanning
Entrance Fee:RMB 120
1.Take shuttle bus at 9:00 at Xiaojinshan Square.
2.Take shuttle bus at 9:00 or 15:00 at Mingzu Department store.