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Yangshuo, Yangshuo Scenery, Guilin Guide, Guilin Travel, China TravelYangshuo, Yangshuo Scenery, Guilin Guide, Guilin Travel, China Travel

Yangshuo County, with a history of more than 1,400 years, is a famous tourist destination 65km southeast of Guilin City. Yangshuo is famous for its amazing idyllic scenery, simple and honest folkway, natural and cultural landscapes and considered as “global village”. Every year, Yangshuo receives more than 1.8 million tourists, one-third of who are foreigners. Lots of leader figures in and abroad have also visited Yangshuo, such as Premier Zhou Enlai, President Ho Chi Minh and President Clinton.

Travelers can enjoy a cruise on Yulong River or a drift on Longjing River, rent a bicycle for cycling around beautiful countryside, have a drink in a bar in West Street, watch a fantastic show of Impression Sanjie Liu, and even have a challenge on rock climbing. No matter you travel with friends or a backpacker, Yangshuo is one of your best choices when you travel in China.

West Street, Yangshuo, Yangshuo Travel, Guilin Travel, China TravelYulong River, Yangshuo, Yangshuo Travel, Guilin Travel, China TravelXingping Ancient Town, Yangshuo, Yangshuo Travel, Guilin Travel, China Travel

West Street, also called “Foreigners Street”, is a 2,000-m-long street with architectures of traditional Chinese style. Regarded as a paradise for tourists, West Street has more than 300 restaurants, crafts shops, bars, hotels, foreign language clubs and even Chinese cooking and Kung Fu schools. It is an ideal place for you to have a rest and meet new friends from all over the world.

Yulong River, also known as “Dragon River”, is a place of precious cultural relics and major idyllic scenery in Yangshuo. In recent years, Yulong River has been considered as a fairyland for hiking because of its original natural beauty and ancient cultural relics.

Xingping Ancient Town, with a history of over 1,700 years, is 25km away from Yangshuo County. It attracts numerous visitors for its splendid verdant hills, crystal clear water and simple and honest local conditions and customs. Eight scenic spots and 24 attractions are waiting for your exploration.

The Moon Hill, Yangshuo, Yangshuo Travel, Guilin Travel, China TravelShangri-La Scenic Area, Yangshuo, Yangshuo Travel, Guilin Travel, China Travel

Big Banyan Tree and Moon Hill
are well-known attractions in Yangshuo County. According to historical documents, the Big Banyan Tree, with a history of over 1,400 years, is 17m height and receive tens of thousands of visitors every year. It only has 10-minute riding from the Big Banyan Tree to the Moon Hill. The “Moon Palace” in the hill is one of the most classic routes for international climbing. Besides, stalactites in this palace will give you a deep impression.

Shangri-La Scenic Area is 15km away from Yangshuo County and is built according to The Story of the Peach Blossom Valley written by Tao Yuanming (365-427), a famous writer and poet in Eastern Jin Dynasty. You can experience picturesque idyllic scenery, appreciate traditional Chinese architectures and learn something about ethnic customs in this Forgotten Homeland. Shangri-La Scenic Area must be the fairyland of peach blossoms which you have expected for a long time.