NO. 1
10/31/2012 5:54:46 PMMr. Neil said:
Hello Tiffany, It was a pleasure to write to you and thank you for all of your arrangements. We really enjoyed our vacation and will recommend your company to all of our friends and family. A number of items come to mind immediately when I think of this trip: Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Tian’anmen Square, Forbidden City, Great Wall all alone with the magnificent views while breath-taking view, the food, the discussions with our guides and local people about living in China. It was a trip of a life time for us and one that we’re sharing with our friends and family. Thank you.
10/31/2012 6:16:46 PMTiffany replied:
Hearing that you clearly count the sites we took you to makes we gain more confident of ourselves. There are a lot of other hot sites in China; we will always be ready to explore them with you. Thanks & regards.
NO. 2
10/30/2012 5:54:11 PMMr. John said:
Hello, Sue, It's been almost a month now since we traveled to China and we never stopped reminiscing things we saw and experience in this trip. It is one great experience in a country full of history. We thank CET for the wonderful arrangements, accommodations and great city guides in Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. More power to you. We surely would recommend your Company to our friends and families who wish to travel to that part of the world!
10/30/2012 7:33:39 PMSue replied:
It is really kind of you to write the feedback to us. And we also very appreciated that you give us high compliments and recommend us to your friends and families. China is really a great place to add fun and wonderful memories to your holidays, so if you get nowhere to settle in your holidays, you are mostly welcomed to China, we will definitely arrange you the most fantastic trip in China. Best regards.
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