NO. 1
10/31/2012 1:14:59 AMMr. Ben Wicher said:
I've been to the Badaling Great Wall. Recently, I plan to visit another section of the Wall. Which section do you recommend, Huanghuacheng or Mutianyu?
10/31/2012 1:17:12 AMmonicamo replied:
Mutianyu is better. It is easier to be reached and I personally think the secnery there is more beautiful.
NO. 2
10/31/2012 12:32:17 AMMr. Gary Butter said:
The service and professionalism were incredible. The hike was amazing, and the location perfect. There were NO other tourists, the guide was knowledgeable, and allowed us to travel at our own pace. The meal in the evening was delicious, and accommodation incredible. Waking up to sunrise on the GReat Wall was special.
10/31/2012 12:44:29 AMmonicamo replied:
Hello. Gary. Thanks for the review.
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