NO. 1
6/5/2018 7:14:02 PMGary Lawrence said:
Hello. I wanna know how to pay for the tour package?
6/5/2018 7:34:34 PMMonica replied:
Hello, Gary.Here are the payments method you can choose from: 1)wire transfer, 2)paypal 3)credit card authorization and 4)west union. 30% of the total cost should be paid when booking as the deposit, the balance payment should be paid 30 days before the tour starts.Thanks.
NO. 2
8/13/2013 9:01:02 PMMaggie Dick said:
Hello. I wanna know what hotel do you book in this tour package?Thanks.
8/13/2013 11:51:59 PMMonica replied:
Hello. Maggie. For this packages, we use 4-star hotel in each city. Here is the list: Beijing:Holiday Inn Express Beijing Temple of Heaven Xi'an:Grand New World Hotel Xi'an Shanghai:Shanghai Hotel They are good-reveiw on tripadvisor.Let me know if you have further quesitons. Thanks.
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