NO. 1
1/23/2018 8:37:48 PMBrian said:
Our kids would love to learn some Chinese. Is the tutor always be with us to every city or just one city? Thanks.
3/8/2018 8:30:45 PMCtang replied:
Dear Brian, the tutor will be with you and teach Chinese during your trip in China.
NO. 2
8/4/2013 7:03:57 PMLaura Bales said:
I like your tour and the accompanying Mandarin speaking tutor, however, we will only have 6-7 nights for a trip/tour to China. I am interested in a shorter tour - Beijing and Xian highlights - and am asking if you can accommodate that? I will be travelling with my two sons - ages 8 & 10 - from Singapore. They have both had 5 years of Mandarin. We will travel in September or October 2013. Thank you!
8/8/2013 12:52:56 AMCarrie replied:
Hi Laura Bales, Greetings!I've replied you,could you check your email. Thanks. Carrie
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