Popular Attractions in Fuzhou

Drum Hill
Towering in the eastern suburbs and standing at the north ba...
West Lake Park
There are many West Lakes in China. Among them, Fuzhou West ...
Hualin Temple
Hualin Temple is located at the southern foot of Ping Mounta...
Xi Chan Temple
Located in the Mountain Yishan Fengwei village, west part of...
Hot Spring Park
Hot Springs Park is a European-style leisure park, built at ...
Wushan Hill (Pitch Dark Hill)
Wushan Hill is one of three hills in Fuzhou city. It lies ne...
Yu Hill
Opposite Wushan Hill, Yu Hill stands in the center of the ci...

Optional Attractions

Tomb of Lin Zexu
Facing Wufeng Mountain, the tomb is at the foot of Jinshi Mo...
Bodiless Lacquerware Factory
Situated on May 4th Street in Fuzhou, the Bodiless Lacquerwa...
Fuzhou Stone Carving Factory
Founded in 1954, Fuzhou Stone Carving Factory is located on ...
Golden Hill Temple
Golden Hill Temple is located on Wulong River, Hongtang Vill...
Kaiyuan Temple
Kaiyuan Temple is the oldest temple in Fuzhou with a history...
Zuohai Park
The peasants of Hongshan county collected money and built Zu...
Forest Park
Situated in Red Bridge Village (Chiqiao Village) Xing Dian T...
Earth Towers of the Hakkas
The Earth Tower of Hakka has a long history. As early as one...
Mount Wuyi
Located at the south of Wuyishan City Fujian Province, Mount...
Mawei & Luoxing Park
This has been an important military town since ancient times...
Zhao Zhong Ancestral Hall
Zhao Zhong Ancestral Hall and the Tomb of Martyers in Majian...

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