Popular Attractions in Guiyang

Huaxi Scenic Area
Located at 17 kilometers south of Guiyang, Huaxi scenic area...
Seven Small Arches (Xiaoqikong)
Lying in Libo County in southern Guizhou Province, Seven Sma...
Jiaxiu Tower
Jiaxiu Tower is located on the Aoji Rock (the rock which loo...
Tianhe (Heavenly River) Pond
The Tianhe Pond, formerly called the Tiansheng (Heavenly Bor...
Huangguoshu Scenic Zone
Made up of 23 falls of which four come out of underground ca...
Qianling Park
Qianling Park is located on Qianling Mountain, northwest of ...
Qilin Cave
Qilin(unicorn), refers to a kind of animal recorded in ancie...
Hongfu Temple
Visitors may go up the winding path to the Hongfu Temple up ...
Hongfeng (Red Maple) Lake
As a national scenic resort, Hongfeng (Red Maple) Lake is fo...

Optional Attractions

Nanjiang Canyon
This gorge is a newly developed scenic spot. It is 40 km lon...
Forest Park
Covering an area of 532 hectares (1,315 acres), Guiyang Fore...
Hebin Park
Hebin Park is located in the southwest of urban Guiyang. Enc...
Yanglangba, six kilometres out of the county seat of Xifeng,...
Yangming Cave
Yangming Cave was named after a famous Ming-dynasty philosop...
Baihua(Hundred Flower)Lake
Situated 22 kilometres northwest of Guiyang on the upper rea...
Dragon Palace Scenic Area
Dragon Palace Scenic Area, located 27 kilometers (17 miles) ...

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