Popular Attractions in Jingdezhen

Jingdezhen Ancient Street
Jingdezhen Ancient Street is located at the juncture of the ...
Jingdezhen Ceramic Historical Expo Zone
Located at mound of the beautiful maple Hill in the west of ...
Hongyuan Wonderland
Hongyuan Wonderland is one of famous scenic spots and forest...
Fuliang Tourist Zone
The original Fuliang County was established in the 11th year...
Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum
Jingdezhen known as the ceramic metropolis of china, is a br...
Mt.Kaolin 40km northeast off the city proper of Jingdezhen, ...
Dragon Pearl Pavilion
Dragon pearl Pavilion is located at the top of Mount pearl. ...
Ming Qing Garden
Ming Qing Garden is located in Jingdezhen Sculpture Ceramics...
Ancient Sanlv Temple Street
In ancient times, Sanlv Temple Street used to be the bustlin...
Xiangji Houses
Xiangji Houses in Ming dynasty is located in the middle of a...

Optional Attractions

Ruins of Ancient Porcelain
As the Porcelain Capital of China, Jingdezhen is the home fo...
Hutian Ancient Kiln Site
The Hutian Ancient Kiln Site is located in Hutian Village in...
Jingdezhen Chinaware Gallery
The gallery is located along picturesque Lotus Pond. It is f...
The Ancient Stage in Leping
Approaching the hometown of Jiangxi opera - Leping, Jiangxi,...
Jingdezhen Ancient Folk Kiln Museum
The Jingdezhen Ancient Folk Kiln Museum is located in the fa...
Yutian lake
Yutian Lake is located in Yutian Village, Xianghu Town, Fuli...
Gold Bamboo Mountain Village
Gold Bamboo Mountain Village lies in the northeast border ar...
Yang Wan Scenic Spot
Yang Wan Scenic Spot is located in the southwest of China Pr...

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