Popular Attractions in Nanchang

Tengwang Pavilion
The Tengwang Pavilion, Yellow Crane Building and Yueyang Bui...
Shengjin Pagoda
The Shengjin Pagoda is located on Shengjinta Street. It is s...
Badashanren Memorial Hall
For visitors who are interested in Chinese painting, Badasha...
Nanchang August 1st Uprising Memorial Hall
Nanchang August 1st Uprising Museum is located in the middle...
Jiangxi Provincial Museum
Jiangxi Provincial Museum, located in the south of Peoples S...

Optional Attractions

5 kilometers away from downtown Nanchang, Qingyunpu was the ...
All Flowers Islet
All Flowers Islet is composed of three islets in the center ...
Ruzi Pavilion
The Ruzi Pavilion lies in the center of West Lake. In the So...
Shuiguanyin Pavilion
First built in the Tang Dynasty, the Shuiguanyin Pavilion li...
Xishan Longevity Palace
Xishan Longevity Palace is also called Yu Long Longevity Pal...
Meiling Scenic Area
Meiling Scenic Area is located in Wanli Distirct.Meling was ...
Hongyadan Well
Hongyadan Well is located above mountain stream of Wujingyua...
Mt. Jing Gang
Mt. Jinggang is located on the common boundary of Jiangxi Pr...

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