Popular Attractions in Dunhuang

Mogao Caves
According to Tang Dynasty records, a monk had witnessed onsi...
Crescent Moon Spring and the Singing Sand Mountain
Crescent Moon Spring is 6km south of Dunhuang in the Singing...
Ancient City of Dunhuang
The Ancient City of Dunhuang (Dunhuang Gucheng) is not what ...
Labuling Lamasery
Labuling Lamasery, formerly known as Zhaxiqi Lamasery, locat...
White Horse Dagoba
White Horse Dagoba is located in Baima (White Horse) Village...
Yumenguan Pass
101 kilometers northwest of Dunhuang, Yumenguan Pass used to...

Optional Attractions

Dunhuang Museum
Located at Yangguan East Road in Dunhuang City, Dunhuang Mus...
Western Thousand-Buddha Cave
In Dunhuang, Gansu Province of China, we find the Dunhuang M...
Yangguan Pass
Yang Pass (Yangguan), also known as the Southern Pass, sits ...
Sanwei Fairyland
The Sanwei Fairyland is known for its magnificence, elegance...
Xuanquan Remains
Xuanquan Site Ruins is located in the depth of the desert. I...
Xiyun Taoist Temple
Xiyun Taoist Temple is the only Taoist architecture in Dunhu...

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