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Dreaming of Tiger Spring at Hupao Valley

Dreaming of Tiger Spring at Hupao ValleySituated at the foot of Daci Hill southwest to the West Lake, Tiger Spring ranks the third best in China. "Dragon Well Tea" and "Tiger Spring water" are rated as two uniqueness of the West Lake. Its water is pure and clear. Tests show that the water is contributive to people’s health.

It is a pleasant experience to listen and watch the spring there. Along the foot of the hill, there is a streamlet meandering. You can have a seat in a tea house near the cliff to enjoy a cup of Dragon Well green tea brewed in Tiger Spring water. You will find the spring water can bring out the best in each. It is called "spring taste".


The major attractions of this area include: the Tiger Spring Temple, the Tiger Spring, the Luxuriant Green Cliff, the Five Dynasties Sutra Pillars, Tiger Status, "Hongyi" Monk Tomb, the Hall of Jigong Monk, the Bell Towner and the Arhat Hall etc.