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Mountain Putuo

Putuo Mount together with Wutai Mount in Shanxi Province, E-mei Mountain in Sichuan Province and Hua Mount in Anhui Province is member of the mountains that are known for the Buddhist culture. A bird’s eye of view will provide you a marvelous sight that the Putuo Mountain, one of the members of the Chinese largest islets, Zhoushan islets, looks like a dragon swimming in the sea.

Mountain PutuoMountain Putuo

Covering an area of 13 square kilometer, Putuo Mt. provides the most holy land for the Buddhists to pilgrim. Since the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Putuo Mt. has been the most popular Buddhism center where is praised as the most peaceful and cleanest holy land for embracing the picturesque sceneries. On the pilgrim dates, which are the 19th of lunar February, June and September, thousands of people will come here for pilgrim or sightseeing, which are amazingly spectacular.

Around the mountain, forest of bizarre stones and group of ancient stone inscriptions among the flourishing old trees make the mountain a wonderland full of myths. Hailed as the Botanical Garden Island, Putuo mountain has 1221 rare trees of 66 spices that are centuries old. Lingering in the shadow of the ancient trees, walking along the soft beach and seeing the waves shaking the fishing boats will be a very different experience for you.

Opening Hours: 7:00 -- 16:30

Ticket Price: 160 CNY

Location: Putuoshan Town, Zhoushan City, Hangzhou

Transportation: Tour bus No. 1 and 2 will bring you here.