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Precious Stone Hill

It is situated on the Precious Hill. Originally,called Shimu Hill, or Baoshu Hill. The hill consists of rhyolite and tuff rocks which shine dazzlingly bright in the sun like real jaspers. Odd stones assemble on the hill, like Yiyuan Stone, Tunxia Stone, Fengxiang Stone, Luoxin Stone etc. Therefore, it is named as Precious Stone Hill. Especially, the Baoshu Pagoda and many purple rocks on the hill sparkle like diamond inlaid in the morning or evening sunlight. Hence, this scenic is named as "Precious Stone Hill Floating in Rosy Clouds".

 Precious Stone HillPrecious Stone Hill

Situated on the Precious Stone Hill, Boashu Pagoda was erected in the Northern Song Dynasty initially. Then, it was destroyed and built repeatedly. Currently, it is a solid pagoda built of bricks with 6 sides and seven floors, 45 meters high. It was rebuilt in 1993 according to the design of Ming Dynasty. As the landmark of the West Lake, it appears as a beautiful girl standing slim and graceful on the hill. A lot of attractions can be found on the hill, e.g. Baoshu Pagoda, odd stones, Sunrise Terrace etc. Climbing up the wooded Precious Stone Hill, you can enjoy an excellent view of the West Lake and the downtown area of Hangzhou. There is a small red pavilion near the Baoshu Pagoda named "Alighting Phoenix Pavilion". Near the pavilion, there is Chuan Zheng Cave. Passing through the steep cliffs and narrow path of the cave, you will suddenly have a broadening view.