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The Future World

The Future WorldThe Future World

The future world is the biggest theme park in Asia which is composed with indoor and outdoor. It is a place where you can enjoy yourselves; a paradise where the children can be extremely delighted. It is equipped with modern facilities which can create a strange, happy and crazy atmosphere for you.

Future world theme park occupies 320 thousand square meters while the lake area is 27,500 square meters. The park consists of 6 sections: Happy Land which boasts a unique paradise for kids, Romantic Arena which is a sports arena designed for the families and adults, Colorful Square which is blessed with a seating capacity of 3000 and standing room for 5000 people in Rainbow Square, Splendid Celebration which features Western Europe amorous feelings, Euro-American Boulevard which stand along European and American style buildings, Fantasy Center which is a huge indoor play ground.

Dreaming center is a indoor pleasure ground which occupies 18,000 square meters and it is the major spot of “future world”. Gothic church in 36 meters high is straight and pretty, standing on the top of mountain. There are Thailand lection storage cabinet, French Banyan, Germany lighthouse, Islam pavilion which encircle with each other and form the unique foreign scenery.At the same time, entertainment activities are colorful which include traveling in Dream Lake by fast light boat, fight against evil in magic city, go to future by time and space shuttle machine etc.

Merry land is the paradise for children. There are fight plane, train with hand waving, dodgems car etc which are children’s favorite.

Location: No. 186, Zhouzhijiang Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Opening Hours: 8:30-17:00
Entrance Fee: RMB80
Transportation: Take bus No.308, 504, tourist bus 5, holiday bus 5 and get off at future world.