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In China, facilities designed for the disabled can be easily accessible in the public areas of transport, airport and hotel. For those who have difficulty getting around because physically disabled, the easy-to-get assistant facilities in China together with the proper planning, considerate arrangements and good preparation will make the China tour a pleasant and rewarding experience. Some tips to enjoy such exciting, challenging and adventurous travel follow for your reference.

(1). Go to the airport earlier to allow enough time for check in.

(2). Take essential medicine and medical instruments with you

(3). Choose a nonstop fly for changing flight could bring a lot of hassles.

(4). Make a full physical examination and ask for advice for your trip from doctor.

(5). Take your doctor's name and telephone number with you in case the emergency.

(6). Contact the airport to see if you can bring your wheelchair on board. Usually only one wheelchair is allowed.

Contact the airlines, cruise ship company, hotel, airport and railway station as early as possible to ensure whether and how they can offer help based on your impaired mobility. Give plenty of time for them to make the related preparations and arrangements well in advance. Remember that a higher service charge may be levied.

(8). Have a clear picture of yourself. Keep fit and take more exercise to build your body before your departure in case something unexpected.

(9). Do not put all your medicine in your checked baggage. Put some in the hand luggage you are going to take on the plane in case of lost or emergency.

(10). If you book through a travel agent you must ensure you disclose the condition of your disability so that they can make the appropriate arrangements for you. If you travel with a group then notify others including your families, friends, companions and tour guides. They should be aware of the true situation so that they can look after you during your trip.

(11). Get plenty of information and finalize your destinations. The barrier-free environment in China is developing fast, especially in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Try to get more information about your destinations and their accessible facilities. Services and/or facilities may be different from your home city, so do a good research and prepare yourself for a new environment

(12). Recheck your health insurance policy to ensure it covers the medical expenses incurred during trips overseas. Check that it covers pre existing conditions and, if in doubt, contact your insurers.

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